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Easing the post-pandemic comeback

Is there anyone who can say that this past year has been easy? We’ve all been under pressure, trying to adapt to the changes the world has thrown at us. Vaccines have helped loosen restrictions, but some of us are still struggling to find our rhythm again. Now that it’s time to find the “new normal” that works best for you and your company, here are some tips to keep in mind as you go through the process.


Revisit the goals, people, connections and strategies you had prior to this COVID world. Compare and contrast what worked well and what didn’t before, during and after the worst of the pandemic. Creating a list is a concrete way to remind yourself of all the good things you want to retain—and the less-ideal things it was time to change anyway. 


Change is good. Don’t be afraid of it. Most likely, your business won’t run the same as it did pre-COVID. You’ll probably have to adapt to and accept new trends, like going paperless or using online meetings more, since some people still can’t communicate or shop in person. Supplementing your business with online options is a trend that’s here to stay— and one every company should explore. 


Chances are you’ve spent more money in the past year—whether on software or gallons of hand sanitizer. Step back now and take a look at your budget and spending as you figure out how to make smarter money moves for your business. 


Obviously, life can change in the blink of an eye. None of us were prepared for the forced changes and adaptation COVID brought with it. And since you never know when something like this will happen again, it’s important to be prepared. Have a set list of plans and training, along with a smart budget, so if and when something like this happens again, you’ll be ready to take it on. 


Keep your employees and customers informed to keep everyone at ease. Be clear and remind them regularly that they can count on you— and that you appreciate the fact that they’re the people who help you and keep you and your business going. 

As you apply these tips to your business and your life, stay strong and remember: The future is bright. Taking the time now to reflect and overcome will ensure that you’re ready for anything else that comes your way. 

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