Mind flex: Favorite foods of the rich and famous

female eating a slice of pizza

Do you think Hollywood’s elite live on wheatgrass smoothies and water? Think again! Take this quiz to see if you can guess which foods these A-List celebrities consume to fuel their bodies and indulge their cravings.

  1. Can you guess which singer’s favorite indulgence is the double-double burger from In-N-Out Burger?

  2. This world-class pop star loves Popeye’s fried chicken and biscuits so much she has a lifetime membership to the chain.

  3. This reality show celebrity and model loves candied yams so much that she featured them in the first episode of her cooking show.

  4. This former boy band singer is a foodie who owns a barbeque restaurant in New York.

  5. Although this singer is Canadian, his favorite food, spaghetti Bolognese, originated in Italy.

  6. On weekends, this megastar treats herself to comfort foods like pizza, hot dogs and her favorite Starbucks coffee.

  7. This actress loves snacks so much that she even brought a purse full of them to the Oscars! Her favorite munchie is a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

  8. A study in contrasts, this actress loves Brussels sprouts and French fries…and sometimes she’ll eat them together!

  9. This Major League Baseball player’s daily diet consists of fish and plain steamed vegetables, but he and his music star fiancé also enjoy sushi, seafood and pasta.

  10. This athlete’s favorite celebration food is her mom’s chicken with rice and gravy, served with biscuits.

  11. This celebrity’s favorite snack is Garrett’s Popcorn.

  12. This star isn’t particular about any food except pickles, and always orders them deep fried at restaurants


    1. Katy Perry 2. Beyoncé 3. Kylie Jenner 4. Justin Timberlake 5. Justin Bieber 6. Taylor Swift 7. Jennifer Lawrence 8. Emma Stone 9. Alex Rodriguez 10. Serena Williams 11. Oprah 12. Selena Gomez

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