Personal Financial and Tax Planning

Personal Finance and Tax Planning in Edgewood, KY

For self-employed individuals and owners of small businesses, finance and tax planning are essential steps in ensuring that you have the funds necessary for retirement or avoid making purchases that increase your tax liability. At Hannegan & Associates, we provide personal finance and tax services for professionals and business owners of Edgewood, Erlanger, Fort Wright, Florence, and the communities surrounding Cincinnati.

Understanding Your Finances

Our Edgewood accounting professionals get to know you personally, allowing us to understand your personal financial goals, and tailoring our approach to ensure that you are able to reach those goals. We analyze your existing physical and liquid assets and means of income and work with you to help create comprehensive strategies that allow you to enjoy your wealth without worrying that you are spending your retirement.

Utilizing the financial planning services of Hannegan & Associates also means that you work with the same professional, year after year, helping us to ensure that you receive financial guidance from someone who understands your individual tax situation.

Managing Personal Finances

Many business owners and professionals are not aware of the reportable expenses to which they are entitled, or attempt to claim expenses that they do not qualify for. Hannegan & Associates works with clients to help you understand the various expenses that you may have been missing out on, including:

-          Gas Usage

-          Food and Entertainment

-          Travel

-          Moving

Utilizing these deductions can help you to recoup appropriate finances from your business, and even the IRS based on the nature of the expense and the records kept.

Comprehensive Planning Strategies

Our Edgewood tax professionals work with you to ensure that your liability is effectively and ethically reduced. For business owners and self-employed individuals, we help to ensure that your charitable contributions, income, expenses, and more, are claimed in the appropriate year to defer or lower the amount of tax you pay. Hannegan & Associates can also help individuals to account for self-employment taxes, and to account for home office and other related expenses that can be written off throughout the tax year.

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Whether you are in need of financial planning to ensure a comfortable retirement, or tax planning to reduce your immediate tax liability, Hannegan & Associates is committed to providing you with quality tax and accounting services. We provide trustworthy financial and tax planning for professionals and business owners throughout Edgewood, Erlanger, Florence, and Fort Wright. 

A financial plan's true value comes with its implementation. Let me help you attain financial freedom by requesting a below.

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