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Edgewood, KY Business Accounting Services

When looking to maintain your business’ state and federal compliance standards while limiting your tax liability, the assistance of a qualified professional is essential. At Hannegan & Associates, we provide comprehensive accounting services tailored to small or mid-sized business throughout Edgewood, Erlanger, Fort Wright, Florence, and the communities surrounding Cincinnati.

Bookkeeping Services

Although commonly needed, cleaning unorganized accounts is an expensive and arduous process for any business owner. At Hannegan & Associates, our Edgewood accounting professionals ensure that the records of all of your business’ transactions are accurately recorded. With our bookkeeping services, we are able to help you get back to running the day-to-day operations of your business, rather than having handle the extensive process record-keeping. Our services will help you with any necessary book cleaning and bank reconciliation, and we will continue to provide you with support, ensuring that misreported transactions do not occur again, and that your books continue to be accurate going forward.

In addition to our bookkeeping services, Hannegan & Associates also provides training and initial setup for QuickBooks®. As the most extensive bookkeeping software currently available, this program can help you internalize your business’ bookkeeping needs, and help you stay on top of your financials. Our installation and implementation services will not only teach you how to properly operate QuickBooks®, but will make the transition easier should you adopt the program as a new business, or as an existing business with previous records.

 Payroll and Tax Services

For business owners looking to fully outsource payroll processing, our tax professionals ensure that your business conforms to local, state, and federal payroll compliance standards. At Hannegan & Associates, we’ll take care of your quarterly and annual reporting, and ensure that payroll taxes are adjusted to necessary withholdings, and paid on time. During tax season, our tax professionals will prepare your employees’ W-2s, ensuring that you won’t have to take the time out of running your business.

Our Edgewood firm also provides tax planning and preparation for small and mid-sized businesses, ensuring that your liability is effectively reduced, and that you have continuing opportunities for growth. By providing year round tax help, we can create and implement effective tax strategies that take into account your business’ purchases, and ensure that your liability remains limited and compliant.  Hannegan & Associates stays up to date on the latest changes in tax regulation, ensuring you make the most of itemized deductions and expenditures available for depreciation and relevant tax credits.

We also provide businesses with:

-          Part-Time CFO Services

-          Non Profit Accounting

-          Compilations and Reviews

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Whether you are looking to clean your business books, or outsource your payroll, contact Hannegan & Associates today. We provide accounting services tailored to businesses throughout Edgewood, Erlanger, Fort Wright, and the communities surrounding Cincinnati.